Quality is personal


Legaltree is a law firm which pools the strengths of lawyers who are enthusiastic, enterprising and ambitious. Whether acting within a team or solo, our lawyers provide first rate service. Legaltree’s lawyers come from top law firms, where they gained many years of experience and built up outstanding skills making them among the best in their respective fields. 

When you engage Legaltree, you get the partner himself or herself, not associates or interns. Legaltree's partners deliver the highest quality and believe that having personal contact with you and working with you in a pleasant manner are essential. Moreover, Legaltree is an innovative law firm. We cherish the best traditions of the profession, while putting the newest insights into practice. Besides being a lawyer, each Legaltree partner is an entrepreneur, making for a very special dynamic in the relationship between Legaltree partners and clients.

After all, legal advice will only benefit your interests if it suits your wishes and matches every-day practice at your office. Our work is tailored to your needs.